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Hey there, I am Shanghua Gao (Shang-Hua Gao).

My Works
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A Little Bit Of My Story

I am a master student at Nankai University, supervised via Prof Ming-ming Cheng. Before that, I was an undergraduate at Xidian University, supervised via Prof Wenchi Cheng. My research interest includes computer vision and OAM communications.

Academic Services

  • Reviewer, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine.
  • Reviewer, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters.
  • Reviewer, IEEE Globecom.
  • Reviewer, IEEE ACCESS.
  • Life is beautiful.


  • Email shgao@live.com
  • Addr 411 CCCE Hall, Nankai University (Jin'nan campus), No.38 Tongyan Rd, Tianjin, China.
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